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DD DXB1.1 -- Earbud Bundle

Part Number DD DXB1.1 - BUNDLE
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DD DXB1.1 -- Earbud Bundle
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The DXB-01.1 is our second generation of dynamic element earbuDDs. The 1.1s are better than ever, we were able to incorporate a host of customer inspired upgrades while also paying attention to building a more eco sustainable product. DXB stands for dynamic, extra bass and version 1.1 keeps the bass pumping with precision 8mm dynamic driver elements bringing added articulation to the already powerful bottom end. This high energy driver has full, rich and thick bass response without sacrificing clean crisp mids and highs. Great bass doesn't mean living with muddy noise. The natural wood housing is machined from Bubinga hardwood from sustainable forest management. The unique resonance properties of this exotic hardwood enhance the low frequency timbre while smoothing upper frequency vibrations inherent in mass produced, plastic housings. Every set has its own unique characteristic grain line patterns that are as individual as fingerprints. The cables are covered in tangle resistant cloth which also adds strength for long term durability. The angled jack reduces side strain on the cable joint and the earbuds have built in strain relief to help prevent cable breakage. The built in microphone with mute button means you may never have to take them off. When you do, you can store them in the supplied natural hemp fiber bag with the handy-dandy draw strings. The packaging is a minimalistic, low impact eco design made from recycled stock.
Customer Reviews
Rating I first review of a product.
Okay so I have never posted a review for a product that I have bought, no matter my thoughts on it. I have enjoyed these headphones so much that I decided to share my experience. So about 30 minutes ago I got a package, and I opened it excitedly. Inside was a bunch of DD Audio merch which is greatly appreciated, then I dug into the mass of packing peanuts to find my DXB1.1s. I immediately got my iPhone and played some music and I fell in love. Perfectly balanced mid bass response and sharp highs. Then I played a song I knew had a lot of bass, and I was very impressed. All in all, I will always recommend these headphones to anyone that wants top quality. Thank you DD Audio
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Reviewed by:  from Madison . - 12/28/2012
Rating amazing
I accidentally just washed these and they still work. Best headphones out I say.
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Reviewed by:  from chickasha ok. - 3/13/2014
Rating Wow
These earbuds are way better than dre beats! So much cheaper and they sound amazing. The bass is like I'm sitting in my buddies truck with his dd setup. It's clean, loud, smooth and sound canceling! The lows are nothing I've heard in an earbud. The wood surround is like having a sub box in your ear. The midst and highs sound great. I would definitely recommend!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Denver NC. - 3/1/2014
Rating Music Junkie
I bought these a couple of days ago from a brick and mortar reseller, and wasn't really expecting to buy anything that day. I'm glad I did, these earbuds are by far the best I have ever owned. The bass on the DXB1.1's is extremely clean and doesn't muddy the mids and highs. The mids and highs are very bright, warm, and very clear. They are comfortable to wear, as a matter of fact when I bought them I didn't take them off for the next 2 hours, even when doing register transactions at stores. They are simply incredible, and at the price point presented they are a steal. Overall, the build quality, the fact that cloth jacketing is used for the wire, the bubinga hardwood housing, inline controls with a mic, the superb sound quality, all are great considerations for this excellent product. I listen to a ton of electronic music, and these earbuds have kept up with every genre I've thrown at it. Ambient shines through with vibrant atmospheres and clear humming bass. Psychill sounds wonderful with beautiful, sharp world vocals and groovy, funky basslines. Hardstyle comes alive with deep, powerful kicks and intense rhythms and hard bass that isn't the least bit drowning to the mids and highs. Dubstep, Trap, and Deep House all come through with amazing bass performance as if i were inside a vehicle loaded with DD audio installed, (even on the lowest of notes) with again, no loss of upper frequencies. These earbuds have yet to bottom out on anything I've played, they can handle very heavy bass abuse with ease, even with bass testers like the THX woofer cooker. It is a phenomenal value for the price and you'd be an idiot to pass these amazing earbuds up. This is coming from a guy who hates earbuds, and prefers over the ear headphones. Get these TODAY, you will not regret your purchase.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. - 1/11/2015
Rating dd-dxb1.1
wow best money ever spent on earphones!!!!!!!! LOUD, CLEAN, VERY NICE!!! THANKS JEZ
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Reviewed by:  from Lubbock,Tx Custom Sound Works. - 1/2/2014
Rating Bad mofo's
I used these for about a year just off my S4. The sound quality was great across the range. They really opened up after using them with my Bravo V2 headphone amp though. The only drawback is with this setup it's very easy to surpass safe listening volumes. These buds take a beating at insane volumes with no distortion, even on bass heavy dubstep tracks. You'll hurt yourself before the buds say uncle. Overall these are very well balanced and sound great listening to everything from Fleetwood Mac's The Chain, to The Funk Hunters remix of The Chain. And for the price... You'd be a fool to buy anything else.
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Reviewed by:  from Fl. - 7/31/2014
Rating Amazing Earbuds
I have been looking for a great pair of Earbuds for quite some time now and found a few that I really like. I've had these for a few months now and these are, by far, the best earbuds I have ever used. They have all the features I would expect for a pair of earbuds around this price range (ie: in line mic, play/pause/skip button, durable build), but the best part about these is the sound. These earbuds are incredibly clean and the bass is far more powerful than any other set I have ever listened to. When paired with a quality audio processing software like Viper4Android, the bass is mind numbing. To go with all that beautiful bass, the earbuds have very clean highs and mids that replicate any genre of music flawlessly. All of this is done with no audible distortion at any volume level. My only complaint about these are the silicon tips that come with them. Most manufacturers dont include very high quality tips, and these aren't horrible by any means. I just ended up going with the foam filled silicon tips that came with my Sony XBAH1's. They give a comfortable seal in my ear that keeps the sound in. I would recommend anyone who buys these or any other high-quality earbuds to purchase aftermarket silicon or foam tips to get the best experience with their earbuds. I will recommend these to anyone, I love them and will look to buy another pair if these ever fail me. *On a side note, these came with some DD stickers, a lanyard, and some koozies. So that's a plus.
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Reviewed by:  from Billings, MT. - 10/19/2015
Rating Unbelievable Sound
I'd been bugging my girlfriend to get me some for my upcoming birthday but I didnt think she would get them. She surprised me with them and all I can say it that they are amazing! I had a pair of $10 walmart earphones that had a pretty decent sound but nothing can compare to these. The quality and clarity is next to none. The highs mids and bass lows are outstanding. By far the best present and definitely worth the money!
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Reviewed by:  from Tecumseh Oklahoma. - 2/15/2015
Rating Very Clean
I love these ear buds. They are light weight and they come with a built-in mic, carrying bag, and multiple sizes of bud tips for larger or smaller ears. The two things that I personally think stand out the most about these are the fact that 1, they are made of wood, and 2 they have an amazing sound quality. They have a deep rich bass and a loud clear mid-range. I recommend these to anyone who is in the market for a nice genuine set of ear buds.
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Reviewed by:  from Lawton, OK. - 2/21/2014
Rating Excellent
Bought a pair for my son as a gift. I was instantly impressed with the build quality. I have had plenty of earbuds and none of them can compare especially at this price point. My son is extremely please. He is always wearing them.Looking to grab the DXB-03's myself. Thanks DD.
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Worth. - 4/21/2015
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